Industry Training Center
at San Juan Basin Technical College provides short-term, skill-based training for business and industry in the Four Corners Region. Classes are offered both in the ITC facility and on site with the timing and content of offerings customized to match industry schedules and the rapidly changing requirements for industry in the Region. Classes are conducted by industry experts who bring a rich history of working and teaching in their field of expertise. In many instances, class participants may carry credit from ITC offerings to appropriate certificate programs offered at the San Juan Basin Technical College.

Training programs include, but are not limited to:
Compliance training
Other state and federally mandated training
Developing customized training classes to meet job requirements
Presenting on-site specific training programs
Offering industry job orientation training
Available high quality, full service facilities for training by individual companies or organizations.
Training to help individuals to:
develop basic job skills
enhance job performance
become more valuable employees
acquire leadership skills
continue career advancement
provide pathways to additional educational opportunities

ITC administers a U.S. Department of Labor Energy Workforce Development Grant, which provides training for individuals who are seeking employment in the energy industry or for upgrading skills for incumbent workers.